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Action points are the main source of income for many players in the game, with the exception of spiders. They are used to hunt creatures or to work in the auction hall.

When you first start playing, you will receive 30 AP per day. However, you can increase this with the elementary fusion skill to a max of 40 AP per day at level 57 elementary fusion.

Paying for premium earns you 25% more AP:

  • 37 AP per day, EF level 0
  • 50 AP per day, EF level 57

Spending action points[]

  • 1 hunt/trap costs 1 action point
  • 1 Ducat costs 2 action points
  • 2 Ducats costs 5 action points
  • 1 AP to speed reuse mindboost, dimension gate and squeeze instantly
  • 200 AP to get the 'Maximum Action Points' acceleration option
  • 200 AP to get the 'Faster Hunt' acceleration option
  • 200 AP to get the 'Faster Quiz' acceleration option

You can speed up the cooldown of the mindboost skill, squeezing a creature and reusing the dimension gate by using either 1 AP or 1/3 of an ancient stone.

You can lose an action point if your drop below 15% when attacking the entity (not epic monster). ---SOMETHING ABOUT ALCHEMISTS LAB---