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Ancient stones are magical items from before the time of the doomlords. Their contents are not fully understood, but they are known to contain a large amount of concentrated soul-energy and as a result are greatly sought after by the soul-huckster.

Getting ancient stones (AS)[]

The easiest way to acquire ancient stones is by buying them, but it is possible to get some through other means:

  • Recommendation system (1/10th of purchased ancient stones is given to the recommender from recommended players)
  • Bag of ancient stones relic- yields charged ancient stones from the energy crystallizer when levelling up
  • Converting BOAS to normal AS

If you have 20 BOAS and you purchase 100 AS, you will receive 120 AS and will have 0 BOAS left.

If you have 25 BOAS and you purchase 20 AS, you will receive 40 AS and will have 5 BOAS left.

Price Ancient stones (normally) Ancient stones (20% campaign)
2 € 20 24
8 € 100 120
20 € 350 420

What they're used for[]

Burnt Out Ancient Stones (BOAS)[]

These are ancient stones where the energy has depleted over time and as a result are not much use. However, when they come into contact with fresh ancient stones, their charge is re-installed and become ancient stones again. When AS are used, they disppear, they do not return to their BOAS original state.

You can get BOAS by

    • 2% base chance to find BOAS in hunt, each level adds +0.1%, max level 30 with a chance of 5% to find one on each hunt
  • Increasing your thievery skill
    • each level = 1% more likely to steal a BOAS from opponent. After level 30 (30%) your chance remains constant, but the number of BOAS stolen increases