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This page is a sort of hub for all the other building pages to link to.

If you want a nice building tree detailing all the prerequisites in one diagram, you can download from here. I had originally wanted to embed it, but wikia/google docs don't seem to like the pictures!

A-Z of Buildings[]

This is a list of all the buildings in the game so far:

Academy Grandmasterful architecture Ramparts
Alchemy laboratory Hall of peace Scrying orb
Arena Hall of war Soul shield
Aura shield Healing sanctuary Soul-well
Catacombs Kennel Torture chamber
Catalyst Mage tower Tower of power
Citadel of destruction Magic hut Training Grounds
Curse pyramid Masterful architecture Treasury
Dimension gate Necrofun focus Underworld pit
Energy crystallizer Palace Watchtower
Epic monument Pyramid of Glory Crystal heart


Buildings can be split up into 4 main groups:

Investment buildings[]

These are the buildings that I view as essential for the success of a clan. They tend to cost a lot, but in the long run will give/save you much more SE than was put in. Their importance ranges within the group, and even at different stages of the game. For instance, you wouldn't build to dimension gate 50 before Academy 5.

Battle buildings[]

These buildings give benefits directly to your attributes or give you benefits directly from battles. They are important later on and can be used to attract new members to a clan. Everyone likes have an extra +5 IQ from a necrofun focus!

Comfort buildings[]

These buildings help make the game easier, though don't necessarily benefit your character as directly as others. You must build some of these as prerequisites for other buildings anyway.


These are sort of miscellaneous buildings that can be important if used properly so some should be developed occasionally alongside the more important buildings.