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Citadel of Destruction
Citadel of destruction


Mage Tower 7, Curse Pyramid 3

Maximum Level


Total Cost

??? SE


Can send a strike to an entire clan

Leads To

Torture Chamber

If the Citadel of Destruction is built you will be able to hit a whole clan from the distance! If a clan is hit it has to neutralize the attack by spending a significant amount of soul-energy (5000*level of CoD) or each construction will cost 5% more after each level of the hit. A clan can suffer several hits, but no more than the number of clan members or 5, whichever is higher (they may come from different enemy clans). You cannot neutralize the hit with manaconstruction and the building skill has no effect.

Level Construction Cost Cumulative Cost
1 5000 SE 5000 SE
2 20000 SE 25000 SE
3 55000 SE 80000 SE
4 105000 SE 185000 SE
5 170000 SE 355000 SE
6 255000 SE 610000 SE
7 360000 SE 970000 SE
8 485000 SE 1455000 SE