Doomlord Wiki

Creative affinity can be learnt at learning level 1; it increases the soul-energy gained from duels (and energy harness) by 2% for each level of the skill, up to a maximum of level 50 (bonus of 100%). The character that lost the duel does not lose the extra SE gained by the winner earnt by the creative affinity, but it is not always that straight forward.

There is a cap on the extra SE you can loot with creative affinty in one day. This amount depends on your level, DP setting and your horde bonus horde (diamonds can gain more).

If you keep the setting of 30 DP a day:

If you set your duel points to 15 DP a day:

This skill has no effect on the Dimension Gate reward, and the bonus is not affected by SE gained from the Torture Chamber