Doomlord Wiki
Discharge Soul-well


Be in a clan and premium


10 Ancient Stones



You may take your ancient stones to the soul-well once every 30 days (25 days with the time warper relic to skim the surplus energy residing in them. This does not influence the energy of the soul-well and only 10 ancient stones will break. You may use the big amount of released energy for anything but you can do it only once in 30 days. The amount of obtained soul-energy depends on the number of your ancient stones and your level, so it is not worth under 50 ancient stones, and reaches the maximum efficiency at 500 ancient stones.

To use this function you need to be premium member

The formula for gained Soul Energy is:

(number of stones) x (your level) x 1.5

Where number of stones is the number of ancient stones you have, up to 500