Doomlord Wiki


Interface top

Doomlord is a fairly simple game and easy to work through, but this is just a menu to link everything together.


Hunt- Where you hunt creatures down for soul-energy

Duel- Where you can attack other players

Rest- Where you can bandage your wounds

Soul-Huckster- Where you can buy basic equipment

Clan- The homepage of your clan

Pets- The management of your pets

Quests- Your active quests

Auction Hall- Special relics can be obtained here

Adventures- Where you can complete player-written adventures

Misc- Where most events are found, along with the infection, specialisation, acceleration + more


Your Character- A page showing all your stats, weapons, descriptions etc.

Skills- A list of all trainable skills

Previous Battles- Displays your battle history

Messages- All messages sent/received can be found here

Events- These are events that are personal to you, ie. someone cursing you, levelling up, a pet levelling up etc.

Highscores- A list of all characters on the server showing lots of comparable stats.

Legend- The story behind the gameplay


Help- A list of areas where help can be found (of course there's always this site!)

Quiz- Where you can write quizes and earn soul-energy

Rules- The rules of the game

FAQ- A simple list of answered questions

Forum- This is one of the most useful sources of information in the game!

Premium- The place to buy some premium features

Ancient Stones- The place to buy ancient stones

Recommendation- Various links to entice other players into the game.