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This page is used to tell visitors all about Doomlord Wiki.

Welcome to the English version of the Doomlord wiki!

Doomlord is a browser-based MMORPG game which launched it's first official English server in July 2009. It has over 35,000 registered players and requires no downloads, no expensive graphics cards and no superfast connection! The purpose of this wiki is to get more people into the game and to let the people already in it know a little bit more about how things work. Hopefully we can share strategies, discuss events and form some alliances along the way!

The game has many enticing features -the quiz, innovative skills, quests, constant updates- but the most unique aspect of the game is that it is so easy to just drop into the game, even if the server is 6 months old. In other games, you may start late and simply get crushed by a player who has bought a super duper alien laser, but if you play your cards right, it can actually be beneficial to start late

This wikia is constantly being updated and new pages are added daily on the most up to date news available so please check in often! All the information has been collated from the forum, in the game or other wiki's and websites so there is a lot of useful stuff, all packed into one site. Even if you've been playing for a year, you will still learn something, though of course you can always share something you know

Since it's opening, Doomlord has grown into 3 separate servers:

  • World 1 has started on 23th of July 2009
  • World 2 has started on 12th of March 2010
  • World 3 has started on 15th of June 2010 (The Peaceful World)

The Hungarian version has 5 worlds currently (one being a speed server with a time limit), so I would expect the international servers will have some more lined up in the future.