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Players are given the opportunity to show their strength in the duel system of doomlord, where they can directly fight other players.

There are certain restrictions on which players can be dueled. A player must not:

  • Be under 15% of their maximum health
  • Be of the same horde as the attacking player (unless at 100% infection)
  • Have been attacked in the last 5 minutes
  • Award less than 20% SE
  • Have been attacked by the same player in the past 8 hours (see continuum diminution)
  • Be a significantly higher or lower level player

When dueling, a player cannot steal more soul-energy than they can carry. Generally, a player steals 10% of what the opponent is carrying, but it may be more if the attacking player is premium (needs verifying). Transcendal projection can protect some SE from being stolen. If the attacking player loses the duel, they will lose 10% of what they're carrying, but will not lose more than is being carried by the defender.

At level 4, you have the option to set your duel points to 15 per day instead of 30.

SE gained through the torture chamber is protected.

-- is SE gained from recommendations and categorisations protected? --

Quests related to duels[]

0 Win 5 duels you start. 50


1 Deal at least 30 damage in one combat round! 50


3 Win a duel while duelling with at least minus 30% on your Ability Scores! 150


104 Deal 15 critical spell damage in your duels! 31800


Items that increase SE from duels[]

Vampire focus