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At the 3rd level of your elementary fusion, you receive +1 Action Point each day. At 6th level, the time of your hunt is decreased by 10 seconds. At 9th level, you get 1 more AP, at 12th the time of hunt is decreased by another 10 seconds. And so on until 57th level, when you receive the maximal +10 Action Points per day and the hunts last for three and a half minutes.

There is an acceleration option to increase the cap on your EF skill to 111, but increasing your skill past 57 does not give you more AP, it just speeds the hunt up. Above level 57, it does not increase the cost of other skills and for each 3 skill levels, the time of the hunt is reduced by 5 seconds (so at level 111, the time to hunt is 2 minutes).

You still get the full 5 minutes to answer a question (unless there are less than 5 minutes to go before the hunt is completed)

Learning level: 10

Max level: 57 (or 111 with acceleration)

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