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You are experienced enough to harness the soul-energy of your opponents at maximum efficiency. If you win in a duel, and you'd receive less SE than a specified amount, you will get that amount anyway. This amount depends on your skill and the opponent's level.

The threshold value that EH takes effect at depends on the levle of the skill and the defending players level: (EH * defending players level * 0.2). Creative affinity takes effect too (providing you've not reached your daily limit).

  • If you have EH 50, opponent level 60, CA 50
  • (50*60*0.2)*2 = 1200 SE minimum

If a player has the preventorixpicusz, doesn't wear it, and has energy harness, they get half XP if they win when being attacked (but creative affinity has no effect this time)

When someone gets attacked in the past 3 hours, the SE and XP gained from beating them in a duel will be 20%/40%/60%/80% less, but energy harness is not effected by this any more.

You must not have disadvanced development in order to train this skill.

The cap on the level can be increased by the tusks of loot or by the Useful Energies AAC.

With the Energy Master AAC, items that boost SE from duels can boost SE from energy harness too.

An example duel[]

  • Attacking player
    • Creative affinity 50
    • Energy harness 50
    • +20% bonus SE gained from duels relic
    • Energy master level 5
    • Carrying unlimited SE
    • Wins the duel
  • Defending player
    • Level 50
    • Carrying no SE
    • Loses the duel


  • Threshold limit = 50*50*0.2 = +500
  • Energy master bonus = (5*0.07*0.2) + 1 = +35
  • Creative affinity bonus = x2 = +535
  • Total amount gained by attacking player = 1070

Learning level: 44

Max level: 50

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