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Hall of Peace
Hall of peace


Hall of War must not be built

Maximum Level


Total Cost

355k SE


Increases the duration of peace

Leads To


Each level of the hall will increase the time of truce by 3 days after canceling a peace treaty. E.g. the same clan cannot attack you for 10 days, instead of 7 at level 1, for 22 days at level 5. The maximum level of the building is 5. Moreover each level of the hall will decrease the lost soul-energy by 10% if you start a war and win or if you endure a war and lose. Furthermore you can initiate only one war at a time and if you are victorious in a duel when you attack, you have 10% chance to lose one extra duel point. Also, if you win a war, your winnings will be halved.

Level Construction costs Cumulative costs
1 5000 SE 5000 SE
2 20000 SE 25000 SE
3 55000 SE 80000 SE
4 105000 SE 185000 SE
5 170000 SE 355000 SE