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Hall of War
Hall of war


Academy 1, Hall of Peace must not be built

Maximum Level


Total Cost



Increases benefits from wars

Leads To


If you are at peace with someone, you can still attack him/her (but if they have a Hall of Peace, you get minuses to your attributes). But people at peace with your clan can also attack you! If you defeat someone in a war who have little or no SE, the amount of SE you win from their soul-well at the end of the war increases. After 1 week of war, you need less than 100 victories to win. All 3 abilities depend on the the Hall's level. After one week of war, you need to win 100 - (hall level*10) battles (so at it's max, you need to win just 50 battles more)

The extra SE from winning battles is channeled into the reward prize at the end. It also works the other way, so if they win, they get a negative amount (Say your clan earns 200k extra SE if you win, their clan would earn 200k less SE if you lose).

The bonus SE from winning battles but gaining little or no SE is calculated by: HoW level * 40% of damage caused - SE gained from the duel (includes energy harness)

  • So if you have HoW 5, you dealt 2000 damage and you gain 2000 SE, you would receive +2000 extra SE into the soul-well at the end.

This bonus can only be as high as the SE you carry at the start of the duel

  • So if you have HoW 5, you dealt 2000 damage, you gain 500 SE and you start with 1000 SE, you would receive just 1000 bonus, when you could've had a 3500 bonus.

If you attack a clan that you are at peace with and they have the hall of peace, you will receive a penalty of: level difference * (0.5 + hall of peace * 0.5) to your attributes (not sure on this one)

Level Construction costs Cumulative cost
1 200000 SE 200000 SE
2 215000 SE 415000 SE
3 250000 SE 665000 SE
4 300000 SE 965000 SE
5 365000 SE 1330000 SE