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By the help of this skill you can heal your wounded pets. With a higher skill you can heal more damage at a time. This skill may be important because the HP of your pets does not regenerate (with the exception of unique items). It can only be increased only by your help. If someone attacks you, and you take at least 3 times more damage than your opponent, you will heal yourself (only if your weapon/spell is not too inferior to your level). The amount you gain depends on your constitution besides your skill. This is called the damage compensation effect.

The formula for healing pet's wounds is

  • y = ( x - 1 ) * 2
    • y = HP healed
    • x = heal wounds level

At heal wounds 1, the HP healed is 1

When you take 3 times more damage than you deal in a battle, you will be able to regenerate some HP (providing your weapon/spell isn't too inferior to your level). This also happenes when you drop below 15% health when battling an entity (though you lose 1 AP in this case too). To battle entities, your heal wounds skill must be at least level 20, though you can [[|Mind Boost|mind boost]] it to reach this if needed.

The formula of damage compensation is

  • ((0.01*heal wounds) * Damage taken) + ((constitution-20) * (0.96 + (level/25))
    • So at heal wounds 30, damage taken 3000, constitution 100 and level 60
    • 900 + 268.8 = 1169 HP healed
  • The maximum HP that can be healed is 60% of the damage taken
  • It is not possible to generate more HP than you had before the battle

Learning level: 9

Max level: no limit

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