Doomlord Wiki

Hit points are your health, the amount of damage you can take before falling

Black chalice

unconcious and are frequently abbreviated to 'HP'. Doomlords and ladies cannot die, as are the rules after the meeting between the clan commanders. Instead, they can be taken down to 1 HP, where they fall unconscious on the floor, granting them an instant loss, even if they dealt more damage. An instant loss can also happen with the execution skill, where the coup de grace is dealt and extra soul-energy is stolen.

A characters maximum HP is determined by 180 + (level * constitution)

  • A character with level 80 and constitution 200 will have a max HP of 16180.

There are four ways to increase HP

  • Levelling up (your HP and SP fill to max)
  • Waiting- they regenerate over time naturally

How to calculate HP regeneration[]

Base regeneration is 24 hours from 1 HP to max, but there are a number of ways to increase this regeneration speed

  • Faster hunt acceleration option = -120 minutes off base time
  • Premium membership = -480 minutes off base time
  • Healing sanctum = -(building level*10) minutes off base time
  • Sapphire horde bonus = (time with reductions * 5) / 6
  • Resting = time with reductions / 3
  • Other relics, such as the troll horn, a common relic from the auction hall

As a result, the fastest regeneration time possible is 94 minutes (not counting other relics ((1440-120-480-500)*5)/18 = 94.44 minutes.