Doomlord Wiki


Lady Alvariel has given another way for Doomlords and ladies to show their strengths in a series of monthly challenges, set straight after the championship ends. All players can enter, and they compete against everyone in their respective worlds.


  • Most challenges won (only the ones you initiated)
  • Most duels won (only the ones you initiated)
  • Most adventures completed
  • Most quests completed
  • Highest skill total increase
  • Highest ability total increase
  • Highest acquired soul-difference increase

There is no sign up like with the championship so players may win it by chance, but this is unlikely as those that win them aim for them in particular. Players are automatically entered into all categories, it is non-exclusive.


  • Complete the hard/long quests when coming up to a new start so you can whizz through the easy ones during the test period.
  • Go to war with a clan to get targets more often and therefore more dueling wins.
  • Train low level skills/abilities


The rewards are desirable, being especially handy if you need new pets.

Even if you have pet training 1, the full bonus will be included.