Doomlord Wiki

As you gain experience, your body will develop, and at certain key points in experience, you will make a jump to the next level. Increasing levels has these effects:

  • More available items for purchase at the soul-huckster
  • Able to wield equipment of greater strength and power
  • Larger monsters during hunts
  • More of the story is unveiled (new chapter in the legend)
  • Affects who you can duel

Following the doomlord code, the players you can duel are restricted based on your level as it is immoral to prey on the weak. As you reach the higher levels, the range of enemies you can duel increases to combat the decrease in duel-able players. The level is not so much an attribute like strength and magic, but is a general way of measuring a characters development.

However, at certain levels, special events, abilities and developments become open to you. A list of these things are shown below.

0 Quiz Olympics Pet absorption at 50% Able to start a clan
2 Quests
3 The Zarknod Event
4 Skills
5 XP is displayed underneath your character image
8 The Championship
8 Searching for Drakin!
9 Able to declare war
10 Acceleration Options
11 Visit the Horde Leader!
14 Find the Oracle!
15 Pet absorption at 75%
19 First battle against the Infection
20 Specialization Meet a Dragon!
24 Auction Hall becomes available
25 Visit a Dimension Gate in the wild!
30 Entity Battles become available Pet absorption at 100% Challenges
35 Visit the Emperor!
40 Destroy a Nightspawn!
45 Pet absorption at 125%
49 Discover the true identity of the White Knight!
60 Descend to the bottom of a dead crater! Pet absorption at 150% Alternative Advancement Capabilities begin
71 Search and explore Fhtoqxx citadel!
75 Pet absorption at 175%
90 Pet absorption at 200%

NOTE: Some of the things in this table are quest targets, these are shown in bold italics.