Doomlord Wiki

Luck is just another attribute, but it's impact is not as focused as the other attributes. It is special in that it develops over time and can be increased in installments by using soul-energy to develop clan buildings which can be very useful when wanting to reduce your soul-energy to 0..


It affects the game in many ways

  • In battles, the person to first cast a spell is normally random, but luck has a large impact on this.
  • In battles there is a minimum and maximum chance to hit: sometimes even the greatest warrior can miss the target and the clumsiest fighter can be successful. If you are luckier than your opponent, your minimum and maximum to hit ratio will incrase and his (or her) minimum and maximum to hit ratio will decrease
  • The really lucky Doomlords and Doomladies will find bigger than average monsters (that means more soul-energy, too) more often. This effects peaks at Character Level * 2
  • When battling against dimension gate monsters, you have a chance to loot a special relic from them. The luckier you are, the more often you get them (maximum chance of item is around 20-25%, but even those with the highest luck have never reached this)

You can only develop luck by being in a clan and building, so it doesn't take effect on most people till level 4 or so when the game is beginning. Some experienced players regard this attribute as the most important of all, and there are whole clans dedicated to this stat, often doing well in the rankings! Such clans are full of builders and are often vulnerable to attack.


Unknown to some, if you desert your alliance too much, you will see a decline in luck. Each person has a counter, and everytime they leave an alliance (or get kicked) they gain one of these counters. If a person has:

Counter-2 > Character Service/(2*Months passed)

Then they lose

Counter - 2 - (Character Service/(2*Months passed))

For example, if I was in an alliance for a week and I quit, then did the same for a second, third and fourth, I would have 4 counters with a total of 1 months service and immediately, I would lose (2-2-1)= -1 luck. This wouldn't show up in the stat, but it's effect would take place.