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You may use your magical energies to heal your wounds. The skill level determines the measure of recovery and the frequence of using this ability. You use 20% of the available mana when healing. The normal re-use time is 12 hours, but this is decreased by 30 minutes for every 6th skill level (to a maximum of every 8 hours). The HP restored is (magical regeneration/6)*SP.

The cap on the skill can be increased by the Bind Wounds AAC by 1 per ability level (to enable a cap of 60 magical regenerarion).

If you use the Healing Wand relic (available at level 85) then the limit is increased to 70 (though at level 70, you use 30% of available mana). Theoretically, if you used both, you would be able to achieve a magical regeneration skill of 80.

Learning level: 46

Max level: 50

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