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An event that tests the general knowledge of players in a tough 50 question quiz. You are given 15 minutes to answer all the questions, that works out to 18 seconds per question maximum. Players of all levels can enter, and the reward is a quiz medal (+1% soul-energy from hunts). You can have a maximum of 12 medals, but they are difficult to get.

Each person gets asked a different set of 50 questions, which are taken at random from the database (like when hunting). If you get 50/50 you will probably get a medal, but less than that means you have to rely on your speed as if there is a draw, the faster time takes the medal. All participating players get a small injection of soul-energy after the results have been evaluated.

There has been talk of updating the olympics so players may not google search the answers. I don't know when this will be implemented, but the idea is that the questions will come in a flash player, where copying words is difficult to do

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