Doomlord Wiki

Magic wand of mapping Magic wand of mapping Stasis bubble Stasis Bubble
Level 2 Level 20
Increases the chance to find a map piece by 0.5% (disappears after each map event) If you hunt invisible, and you have more losses than victories, you will have the same chance to capture an animal than without invisibility
Price 10 AS Price 20000 SE
10 AS
Stimulator Stimulator Dimension gate Dimension door stimulator
Level 30 Level 40
When you get this item, the base level of your familiars will be increased to that of your level. At the same time, their actual level will decrease by the same amount than their base level increased. This change does not affect their skill points. When you buy it, you get 24 dimension gate points (does not increase above maximum points)
Price 10 AS Price 15 AS
Elixir of wrath Elixir of wrath Crystal mug Crystal mug
Level 40 Level 40
When used, you have to name a doomlord. If he/she attacks you, you will be as if invisible. Only a doomlord with max-15 level can use it, and only on such a doomlord. A second potion overwrites the first. Crystal potions give 20% more crystal points
Price level*31 SD Price 2000 SD
5 AS
Partial mindshield Partial mindshield Medic pack Medic pack
Level 40 Level 50
If someone scries you, they will not see your experience points You can heal wounds at the end of battle regardless of your items level.
Price 2000 SD Price 4000 SD
Key of knowledge Copper key of knowledge Book of beasts Book of Beasts
Level 50 Level 55
If you have quiz acceleration, one quiz answer will be enough for 4 hunts instead of 2. Wrong answers count for 4 as well. The time to heal wounds and train pets is halved.
Price 2500 SD Price 5000 SD
20 AS
Adventure orb Adventure orb Equipment lease Equipment lease
Level 60 Level 70
The chance of finding an adventure is increased by 1% The ancient stone and soul diamond cost of pet equipment is halved (but no less than 2 ancient stones)
Price 6000 SD Price 8000 SD
Disinfecting orb Disinfecting orb Key of knowledge Bronze key of knowledge
Level 70 Level 70
If your infection is more than 70% when you buy this, your infection will be set to 70% (even if it was 100%). From level 69, you can decrease your infection by 4% instead of the usual 2. If you have quiz acceleration, one quiz answer will be enough for 6 hunts instead of 2. Wrong answers count for 6 as well.
Price 7000 SD Price 5000 SD
100000 SE
Soul poisoner Soul poisoner Bracers of friendship Bracers of Friendship
Level 70 Level 80
If your infection is at least 91%, and someone steals SE from you when he attacks you, his/her animals take damage in ratio of your infection and SE stolen. Toughness skill reduces the damage taken. You can give support to any clan member, regardless of level. The support will reach the target in third time. Support will not fade from you if attack a lower level doomlord
Price 4000 SD Price 7000 SD
10 AS 20 AS
Wand of healing Wand of healing Essence converter Essence converter
Level 85 Level 90
The possible maximum of your magical regeneration is increased by 20, but using it will cost 30% of your mana instead of 20%. Also, if you buy a healing potion for ancient stones, you get two potions a time (and the cost will be 3 ancient stones instead of 4). Number of rests per day also increases by 1. With the essence converter, you can produce a catalyst essence from 4 identical essences if you have alchemy laboratory.
Price 10000 SD Price 20000 SD
30 AS 20 AS
Black market membership Black market membership Key of knowledge Silver key of knowledge
Level 90 Level 90
The maximum of your trade skill increases to 180 If you have quiz acceleration, one quiz answer will be enough for 8 hunts instead of 2. Wrong answers count for 8 as well.
Price 14000 SD Price 7500 SD
20 AS
Scroll of adaption Scroll of Adaption Key of knowledge Golden key of knowledge
Level 100 Level 110
If your infection is 0, your can get a +5 mind boost bonus to one more skill If you have quiz acceleration, one quiz answer will be enough for 10 hunts instead of 2. Wrong answers count for 10 as well.
Price 25000 SD Price 10000 SD
20 AS