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Scrying orb
Scrying orb


Mage tower 1

Maximum Level


Total Cost



Enables you to view a players attributes

Leads To


You can get more information about a Doomlord or Doomlady: you can even spy their ability scores! Usage costs is 30 spell points.

You can scry just once per hour (unless you have the crystal orb relic from the auction house, making it cost 10 SP and reducing the scrying time to 1 minute) and in doing so, you will see a page similar to your own character page, the difference being it doesn't show you the magical regeneration timer/button, SE, AS, BOAS, AA points, crystal points and other items (that aren't equipped) your opponent has.

Some players use it to see if you are hunting (check your experience at one point, then check it again an hour later and see if the experience has increased) but you can overcome this buy purchasing the partial mind shield from the soul-huckster for 2000 SD at level 40.

Also, scrying is useful to time when an opponent's HP reaches an amount where you can attack them (scry them, record their HP then use this calculator to time when you can attack them again (to try and get them as they are hunting).

Level Construction costs Cumulative cost
1 30000 SE 30000 SE