Doomlord Wiki

The skills you learn in the game have a huge impact on the way your character develops. Although they are not all directly related to battle, they can over time, advance your character beyond those which spend all their days training physical attributes... This intricate balance is difficult to master, but those that choose the best combination of skills are the players that reach the top 10! Skills become available to players at level 4.


When you level up to 4, only 2 skills will be available for you to advance; Learning and Subspace Detection. However, the special thing about the learning skill is that it opens your mind to new skills, allowing you to develop a new skills for every learning level (up to 18). After level 18, you require 2 learning levels to get a new skill to develop, but you cannot go above 30 learning without the academy.

For each level of the academy, you are able to develop your learning by 2 more levels over learning level 30. Max level of learning = 80.

List of skills[]

Learning Academy level Skill Type Brief description
N/A - Spiked skin Battle Deals backlash damage from melee attacks
N/A - Negative aura Battle Deals backlash damage from spells
N/A - Resistant skin Battle Negates spiked skin and negative aura
0 - Learning Other Allows development of other skills
0 - Subspace detection Space-time Increases the chance of finding burnt-out ancient stones during hunts
1 - Map finding Adventure Increases the chance to find a map piece
1 - Creative affinity Space-time Increases SE from duels
2 - Singularity knowledge Space-time Increases XP from duels
3 - Trapping Animal Increases the chance to capture monsters
4 - Pet training Animal Lets you train pets to fight by your side
5 - Chronocompensation Space-time Decreases the penalty time in duels/reuse times
6 - Secondary Attack Battle Damages the opponent's pet with physical attacks
7 - Leadership Animal Increases the number of pets you can capture
8 - Continuum diminution Space-time Decreases the interval between two attacks against the same target
9 - Heal wounds Animal Lets you help your pets, or yourself after duels
10 - Elementary fusion Space-time Gives you more AP, faster hunts
11 - Charisma Animal Improves the morale of your pets
12 - Trade Other Lets you buy higher level items
13 - Transcendal projection Space-time Protects part of your SE when you're attacked
14 - Thievery Other Lets you steal burnt-out ancient stones in duels
15 - Execution Battle Gives you more SE in duels if you execute your opponent
16 - Toughness Battle Gives you extra rounds in battles
17 - Shape reality Space-time Gives you more DP
18 - Spectral manipulation Space-time Increases SE from hunts
20 - Mind boost Other Boosts skills temporarily
22 - Critical hit Battle Chance of double damage
24 - Building Other Increases the efficiency of building (doesn't affect luck)
26 - Soul-energy squeezing Animal Gives you SE from captured creatures
28 - Intelligent pet Animal Accelerates your pets' development
30 - Hard skin Animal Gives extra protection for pets
32 1 Oblivion Other Makes it possible to forget skills
34 2 Hatred of diamond Battle Increased stats against the diamond horde
34 2 Hatred of ruby Battle Increased stats against the ruby horde
34 2 Hatred of emerald Battle Increased stats against the emerald horde
34 2 Hatred of sapphire Battle Increased stats against the sapphire horde
36 3 Critical spell Battle Increases the damage of spells
38 4 Horde making Animal Lets you use more pets in battles
40 5 Transplantation Space-time Decreases the cost of improving skills
41 6 Detect traps Adventure Used for adventure tests
41 6 Climbing Adventure Used for adventure tests
41 6 Pick locks Adventure Used for adventure tests
42 6 Secondary spell Battle Damages the opponent's pet with spells
44 7 Disadvanced development Space-time Decreases XP from hunts and DG fights
44 7 Energy harness Space-time Increases the minimum loot from duels
46 8 Magical regeneration Other Lets you heal yourself using SP
48 9 Manaconstruction Other Lets you build using SP
50 10 Ultraspecialisation Space-time Decreases the cost of improving the specialized ability
56 13 Expert hunt Space-time Increases chance of finding bigger creatures, increases SE from hunts
60 15 Epic specialization Space-time Lets you attack the epic monster more often
70 20 Mytokronit Knowledge Animal Helps you find Grey Mytokronits during hunt

As you can see from this table, skills can be from the same category. Each category has a description and a general overview of what that skill will affect.

Space-time control skills[]

These skills manipulate reality, going against the rules of the world and advancing your harnessing ability of different resources (XP, SE, DP, AP). They also help you find ways to minimize your costs via loop-holes only a Doomlord/lady can exploit.

Animal Related skills[]

The charisma the doomlord and ladies ooze enable them to command lesser creatures to their will. The Animal related skills make it easier to train, command, control and heal your pets.

Battle Skills[]

These skills take training to the next level, thinking about where to strike rather than how hard in order to maximise damage. This extra guidance can give an unexpected advantage in a battle.

Adventure Skills[]

Often, you will stumble across an adventure which requires more rudimentary skills. In order to prepare yourself for these when they come, you have the opportunity to train in advance.

Other Skills[]


Cost of increasing a skill depends on 2 things: Current skill level and total skill level.

x = current skill level

y = total skill level

cost of +1 to the skill = ((x + 1)* 100)+(y* 10) (NOT including transplantation or other reductions)

You can reduce the cost of developing a skill by

  • Increasing your transplantation skill (25% discount at level 50)
  • Star Sapphire (5% discount)
  • Ring of the East (3% discount)
  • Sapphire Ancient ring (5% discount)
  • Absolute Absorber (5% discount)
  • Krakoch Abosrber (5% discount)
  • Ring of the Centaur (5% discount)
  • Ring of Magnificator (5% discount)
  • Greater Detecter (6% discount)
  • Ring of the Ice God (6% discount)
  • Ring of Leah (6% discount)
  • Ancient ring of Improvement (7% discount)
  • Tricky ring (7% discount)
  • Ring of luck (7% discount)