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You can squeeze soul-energy optimally from your captured animals. You will get 20% more soul energy than normal already at level 1, and it will be increased further: 1.4x at level 2, 1.6x at level 3, etc. Unfortunately the animal will not survive the squeezing. The maximum level of the skill is 60, where you get 12x the SE you would from hunting the creature. The minimal reuse time of SE Squeezing is 1 hour (though this can be reduced with the chronocompensation skill) and can be instantly reset with the use of 1/3 of an AS or 1 AP.

If your skill is at 60 and you have the comfort functions from the acceleration options, you can select an option to auto-squeeze captured animals for 1/3 of an AS or 1 AP.

Note that you squeeze the base SE of the creature, so your spectral manipulation skill does not affect it.

You can squeeze the SE from untrained pets or trained ones:

  • The formula for an untrained pet is: base SE * (1 + (0.2 * squeezing level))
  • The formula for a trained pet is: base SE * (1 + (0.5 * creature level) + (0.2 * squeezing level))

It is possible to restore a trained pet that was squeezed, as long as it was not equipped with a gradulatum or was squeezed for a quest. The cost is 10 AS and twice the SE you got from squeezing it.

Learning level: 26

Max level: 60

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