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Foulsmelling elixir

Spell points are the resource mainly used to cast spells in battles, but are also used in manaconstruction, magical regeneration, scrying and mind boosting. They are frequently abbreviated to SP.

If SP reaches 0, nothing happens, but you aren't able to do anything that requires SP until it is restored.

Max SP is determined by ((character level * magic) + 80) * 0.9 for players from the diamond, ruby or sapphire hordes.

  • these players generate maxSP/1440 SP per minute

Max SP for a player in the emerald horde is determined by (character level * magic) + 80

  • these players generate maxSP/1200 DP per minute

Spell point restoration

  • levelling up fills your HP and SP to max
  • resting divides the base regeneration time by 3

You can reduce the cost of spells through various relics, drops from the epic monster/entities and also some focus crystals.