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Torture chamber
Torture chamber


Curse pyramid 5, Citadel of destruction 5, Academy 1

Maximum Level


Total Cost



Enables you to share in your victim's gains

Leads To


If you overcome a Doomlord in a duel, you can drag him into the torture chamber of your clan, and thanks to a special damage made on him you will share all the soul-energy he gets until the end of day. (Similar to the recommendation system, he will not get less soul-energy because of this.) If he beats you before the end of day, you will get nothing. You can similarly share in the soul-energy of the number of Doomlords equal to the level of the torture chamber. (The chamber certainly works on Doomladies, too.) The received SE is credited at the end of day and can be seen at Recommendation.

If you drag a player into the chamber after he has already been dragged in by another player, you get soul-energy from the point he first got dragged in, rather than the time you dragged him in. The SE isn't shared, both players get the same amount.

Level Construction costs Cumulative cost
1 200000 SE 200000 SE
2 215000 SE 415000 SE
3 250000 SE 665000 SE
4 300000 SE 965000 SE
5 365000 SE 1330000 SE
6 450000 SE 1780000 SE
7 555000 SE 2335000 SE
8 680000 SE 3015000 SE
9 820000 SE 3835000 SE
10 985000 SE 4820000 SE
11 1170000 SE 5990000 SE
12 1375000 SE 7365000 SE
13 1605000 SE 8970000 SE
14 1855000 SE 10825000 SE
15 2125000 SE 12950000 SE