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Tower of power
Tower of power


Mage tower 10, Academy 1, Palace 6

Maximum Level


Total Cost



Gives a temporary bonus to SE from hunts

Leads To


If your clan owns the highest tower, each member of the clan will receive 10% more soul-energy from hunting. However for each day you have owned the highest tower, building a new level to it would cost more and at the end of day the level of the tower will be decreased by one. The highest tower will be evaluated only once a day (at night). If more than one clan own the highest tower at the same time, the one with the shorter ownership period will get the bonuses (and the penalties, too). The power of tower has no maximum level.

If the tower levels AND previous tower duration is equal, no-one gets the ToP for that day. The clan with the ToP is shown in the high scores in bold yellow, along with what level it is.

Construction cost depends on the time you've had the tower and what level the tower is:

(level + 10 * days occupied + 1) * 5000

In addition if a clan never possessed the highest Tower of Power, the clan gets a bonus when building the Tower equal to the total possession of other clans. So if your clan have not had it at all, and the first time an other clan had the highest tower of power was 20 days ago, you get 20% bonus to SE spent on building it.

can anyone put proper brackets in this to make sense of it? I don't know what the costs are... Phalanxii 02:25, March 5, 2011 (UTC)