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War was inevitable amongst the infected galetki after the natural competitiveness between the hordes escalated beyond control. War is declared from the clan page and a vote can be initiated by anyone in the clan. If enough people vote for the declaration (more than half of the votes in the clan) then war will begin 12 hours after the vote is decided.

A clan can initiate 5 wars at a time, unless they have the hall of peace, in which case they can only initiate 1.

In war, you can attack your opponents (and be attacked) once every hour instead of the usual 8 hours. In addition to this, transcendal projection has no effect in duels.

To see the statistics of who is winning and losing more battles, you can check the war archive or war/capitulation on the clan page.

Winning the war[]

For a war to end, a side must fill one of these conditions:

  • at least 3 days of war and double the opponent's victories
  • at least 1 week of war and 100 more victories than your enemy
  • at least 2 weeks of war and 10 more victories than your enemy

If after 3 weeks none of the conditions are met, it ends in a draw and a peace treaty.

After losing a war, the clan is said to have capitulated to the victors (capitulated means surrendered) and SE will be deducted from their soul-well and transferred to the winners. Then, the two clans enter a peace treaty where they cannot attack each other.


If a clan wins, they steal 15-30% of what their opponents soul-well is capable of storing (nothing to do with the current amount) + any bonus from the hall of war. What % you get depends on the power of your clan over theirs. Power is calculated through player level, not size of the soul-well. Not sure if the amount gained depends on the victory (as in you get more if you win in three days or not).

If your defeated opponent has the hall of peace, then you winning's will be cut by 10%.